What we do.

What happens at Valley Children’s Advocacy Center?

When a report of sexual or physical abuse is reported to Law Enforcement or the Department of Social Services, a forensic interview with the child is scheduled at Valley Children’s Advocacy Center.  The child receives a forensic interview, non-offending caregivers receive crisis intervention through education, and the family is referred for on-going services.

What is a Forensic Interview?

A forensic interview is a fact-finding process where a child is given the opportunity to make a statement about what happened.  The child is questioned in a non-leading, legally-sound, developmentally appropriate manner by a trained professional.  Members of the multidisciplinary team that have jurisdiction over the case observe the interview as it is taking place.  Interviews are digitally recorded, reducing the number of times children need to be interviewed, therefore reducing trauma to the child.  Information gathered in the forensic interview is used to help make decisions about protection, prosecution, and treatment.

What happens after the interview?

Valley Children’s Advocacy Center provides crisis intervention, supportive services, and case management for children and their families after a disclosure of abuse.  If needed, the child and his/her non-offending caregiver and/or family members are referred for therapeutic services in the community that are necessary for the healing process.  These services may include a medical exam and/or counseling.