Report Child Abuse

What is child abuse?

Child abuse is the mistreatment or neglect of a child which results in non-accidental or unreasonable harm. There are many forms of child abuse including:

Physical Abuse

Behaviors which physically harm a child such as hitting, punching, burning, choking, or throwing. Also includes throwing or using objects with intent to harm.

Sexual Abuse

Any forced, exploitative or coercive sexual contact with a child. This can include rape, molestation, pornography, or forced prostitution.


Failure to provide shelter, nutrition, clothing, or medical attention to a child.

Child abuse crosses all racial, religious, cultural, educational, and economic lines. While child abuse can be committed by strangers, the majority of abuse is committed by someone the victim knows and trusts.

If you suspect or have witnessed a child being abused or neglected, please call one of the following numbers:

Staunton Police Department:                     540.332.3842

Waynesboro Police Department:               540.942.6676

Augusta Co. Sheriff’s Department:             540.245.5333

Shenandoah Valley Social Services:          540.245.5800, ext. 6


Report Child Abuse:

 Child Protective Services  (540) 245-5800 ext. 6

                 In-State Hotline  (800) 552-7096

                 Out-of-State Hotline    (804) 786-8536

                 Hearing Impaired  (800) 828-1120