Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help the Center, including volunteering your time, helping with fundraising events, or hosting a prevention program. You can also purchase items from our Amazon Wish List and have them sent directly to our center. We very much appreciate your generosity!

How is the CAC funded?

Valley CAC’s operating budget is made up by public and private grants, as well as donations and fundraising. We rely heavily on community support to meet our annual operating budget but also work to ensure diversity amongst our income. Roughly 20% of the organization’s budget comes from public donations and fundraising.

How many children do you see each year?

Each year the number of children served by our CAC grows. In FY14, 159 children and families were served, in FY15, 181 children and families, and in FY16 219 children and families were provided with services.

We are often asked if we believe, because we are providing services to more children, does this mean more children are being abused in our community. We do not necessarily believe more children are being abused, however, we attribute the rise in cases to partner agencies observing the benefits of bringing children to the Center, both in terms of the outcome of their case, as well as the positive effects on the child and family.

Do you provide services to caregivers/families?

Yes! Research shows that if a caregiver responds appropriately to their child’s emotional needs, the outcomes for that child improves. We know that many times when caregivers bring their child to the CAC, they feel uncertain and ill-equipped about how to manage their child’s emotional or behavioral needs. Indeed, this may be the first traumatic experience their child and family have ever endured. Because of this, CAC staff provide wrap-around services to, not only the child, but to their entire family. While mental health counseling services are provided only to the child, our family advocate can help with community referrals, finding resources, and advocacy.

What makes the CAC staff prepared to work with children who have been abused?

CAC staff has an array of knowledge, both educational and through experience, related to child development, family systems, and trauma response. Each staff member has an undeniable passion for serving children who have experienced some form of abuse. All staff members are specially trained to work with children who have experienced abuse and each staff member receives ongoing training related to their specific role at the agency.

If I suspect a child is being abused, how do I make an appointment?

Our CAC only accepts referrals from law enforcement and Child Protective Services, therefore you must call them initially with your concern. However, our staff is always willing and available to assist you in navigating this process as best as possible.

Are families charged for services at the CAC?

All services provided by the CAC are offered free of charge. Clients are never required to pay for any service they receive at the CAC.

How is the CAC different from Child Protective Services?

Valley CAC has a collaborative relationship with local CPS. While our staff are specially trained to provide child forensic interviews, victim advocacy, and mental health counseling, Child Protective workers help the family develop a safety plan and ensure the family’s basic needs are being met.

Will the CAC come speak to my staff/organization about child abuse prevention?

Absolutely! Our staff is happy to work with you in scheduling a Stewards of Children prevention program. Give us a call today! 540.213.0592, or e-mail our Education & Outreach Coordinator, Charle Johnson.


Report Child Abuse:

 Child Protective Services  (540) 245-5800 ext. 6

                 In-State Hotline  (800) 552-7096

                 Out-of-State Hotline    (804) 786-8536

                 Hearing Impaired  (800) 828-1120